The Voice 2012 Final show

The Voice 2012 Final show

The Voice season 2 is over finally. I really enjoyed Season 1 but I have to say this season hasn’t been good for me. Many singers I enjoyed was voted off. Lot of the shows were too long and ended very fast. The final show was WAY too long!! 2 hours to find out who won? An hour would have been better to celebrate the final and find out the winner. They should have announced 3rd and 4th place in the beginning or in the middle. The show was torture and didn’t have many good performances. I would have loved to know more about the last 4 singers and what they have gone through.

Jermaine Paul is the winner of The voice 2012

Jermaine Paul the winner

So Jermaine won the whole thing. Juliet came second. Tony came 3rd and Chris got 4th place. It took 2 hours to finally know the results. I wish I knew it would be at the end so I could have watched something else.

The Voice 2012 Juliet Simms

Juliet Simms is my winner.

After this season I am not that excited to see season 3. Either people vote for the good looking singers or the team. The fact that Chris Mann was 4th is terrible. He should at least be 3rd. He is a far better singer than Tony Lucca. I blame it on the drama between Adam and Christina. It’s a shame because Chris I believe could have done better.

If you went by the charts on Itunes, Tony Lucca would be the winner. All this just makes me feel it’s another popularity contest and not a singing competition. The fact that the teams are competing with each other makes this stuff happen. I thought the audience would be able to forget about who the team captains were and consider who the best singer was. I guess I was wrong. I didn’t even consider the team when I decided who I wanted to win. I actually have read some articles and comments that people voted for the team and not the singer.

We will find out who really is the winner when their albums all come out. I have a feeling Jermaine will have a good career but won’t be at the top of the charts. Juliet might be able to do better but I also think she won’t be able to break through to the top. I am not sure anyone from this season will break through. I don’t think The Voice will ever find a singer who can be at the top of the charts because there are too many flaws in the show.