Last night’s episode of the Voice has given me some things to think about. From last week I picked Juliet Simms to win. I figured Jermaine Paul was good but not the best. I actually believe he might win. Chris Mann was my second favorite but thought he didn’t have a chance with the public. Tony Lucca is just out of the competition for me.

Last episode changed my mind a little. I actually got worried for Juliet because her first 2 songs were not amazing. Jermaine’s Song, “I believe I can fly” was very good. The song he did for Blake was great also. Chris Mann sang very well also. I still think Tony has no chance. His song choices was not good and I didn’t like “Ninety-Nine Problems”. He did very well singing with Adam, “Yesterday” which I thought was his best.

Tony Lucca from The Voice
Jermaine Paul from Team Blake
Juliet Simms from Team Ceelo
Chris Mann from Team Christina

After thinking about everything I think Chris Mann and Tony Lucca has no chance of winning. It’s between Jermaine Paul and Juliet Simms. My heart says Juliet. The passion she puts in to her songs really make her the best out of all of them. Jermaine was great also and I really would say he won if it wasn’t for Juliet’s “Free bird” song which was awesome! I really think that Jermaine might win. It’s looking like the same situation as last year when Javier Colon won. I wanted Dia Frampton to win.

The Voice 2012 Final Performances

So I really want Juliet to win but I have a bad feeling Jermaine will get those votes. I actually voted for Juliet of course but gave a few votes to Jermaine also. No matter what happens all of them will have gained a lot from the show. Now to look forward to their albums in the future.

From last year’s contestants I have bought 2 albums. I bought Dia frampton’s and Xenia’s albums. Surprisingly I have listened to more of Xenia’s music. She just has such a unique voice but did not have the stage presence on the show. Now to wait for the result show.

The Voice 2012

May 2, 2012