Big Brother Season 13 of the US version has started last Thursday. Looks like an interesting bunch of people. There are 14 housemates in the house for this season. 8 new housemates entered first. I don’t have any favorites or least favorites at this time. I like giving everyone a chance before I make a decision about them. 6 previous housemates entered the house after too. I’ll list everyone below:

8 new housemates :
Adam Poch


Cassi Colvin


Dominic Briones


Kalia Booker


Keith Henderson


Lawon Exum


Porsche Briggs


Shelly Moore


6 previous housemates:
Brendon Villegas


Rachel Reilly


I know a lot of people hate Rachel mostly because of her voice. I don’t have much problems with these two. I wouldn’t want them to win, though.

Evel Dick Donato

Evel Dick

Daniele Donato


Evel Dick will make the show interesting. I don’t know enough about Daniele to make a decision about her. I feel bad that they haven’t talked for years. It’s a shame for family members to be like that with each other. I don’t know why or care. I already heard Dick has left the house for some reason and We will find out more next Wednesday. Shame for entertainment value but I didn’t want him to get far in the game anyway.

Jeff Schroeder


Jordan Lloyd


These two are probably my favorites from the previous housemates. Not sure if I want them to win or not but it probably wouldn’t be a problem.

Big Brother Season 13 House Table

I’m watching the 2nd episode as I finish this post but I won’t comment on it this time. I’ll probably be posting for each episode if I can. Sometimes I’ll talk about spoilers or rumors I get from other forums. is my favorite forum to read. I haven’t paid for the live feeds and won’t. They are usually boring to me anyway. I did it for season 2 and I understood the housemates a lot better but quite boring watching them all the time. Other people will post about the daily happenings in the house.

The Voice Was Great

June 28, 2011