Big Brother US Season 13

Big Brother US Season 13

Big Brother Season 13 of the US version has started last Thursday. Looks like an interesting bunch of people. There are 14 housemates in the house for this season. 8 new housemates entered first. I don’t have any favorites or least favorites at this time. I like giving everyone a chance before I make a decision about them. 6 previous housemates entered the house after too. I’ll list everyone below:

8 new housemates :
Adam Poch


Cassi Colvin


Dominic Briones


Kalia Booker


Keith Henderson


Lawon Exum


Porsche Briggs


Shelly Moore


6 previous housemates:
Brendon Villegas


Rachel Reilly


I know a lot of people hate Rachel mostly because of her voice. I don’t have much problems with these two. I wouldn’t want them to win, though.

Evel Dick Donato

Evel Dick

Daniele Donato


Evel Dick will make the show interesting. I don’t know enough about Daniele to make a decision about her. I feel bad that they haven’t talked for years. It’s a shame for family members to be like that with each other. I don’t know why or care. I already heard Dick has left the house for some reason and We will find out more next Wednesday. Shame for entertainment value but I didn’t want him to get far in the game anyway.

Jeff Schroeder


Jordan Lloyd


These two are probably my favorites from the previous housemates. Not sure if I want them to win or not but it probably wouldn’t be a problem.

Big Brother Season 13 House Table

I’m watching the 2nd episode as I finish this post but I won’t comment on it this time. I’ll probably be posting for each episode if I can. Sometimes I’ll talk about spoilers or rumors I get from other forums. is my favorite forum to read. I haven’t paid for the live feeds and won’t. They are usually boring to me anyway. I did it for season 2 and I understood the housemates a lot better but quite boring watching them all the time. Other people will post about the daily happenings in the house.