The Voice Was Great

The Voice Was Great

I have been watching The voice on NBC from the very beginning. First I thought it would just be the same as American Idol. I actually got bored of AI a few years ago. It’s still a good show but lost my attention. The thing I liked about The Voice is the singers are all really good. Felt like their talent was more important than anything.

This post is about todays show which I thought was outstanding. I didn’t hear one thing I didn’t like. I liked all the singers but I do have some favorites who I liked before this show. Some of that has changed. So I’ll pick through this episode now.

Javier Colon is good. Really good actually. I loved the duet he did with Adam. He did a great job singing the “man in the mirror.” His original song, “Stitch by Stitch” was a good song and he sang it very well. This is where I get torn. He’s a great singer but I thought the other singers were better. I also had to weigh in all the other performances during the show to make my decision on who wins. He comes in 4th on my list and I really feel sad about it.

Now I get to Vicci Martinez who I have absolutely loved through the show. She does remind me of pat benatar who I am a big fan of. I love her voice. Her energy really pulls me in when she sings. Before this show she was my 2nd best but now I had to put her down to 3. Her original song, “Afraid to sleep” was good but not as good as I would want. What really tears me up was her duet with Cee lo. She was amazing in that duet. To me her duet with Cee lo was the best out of all of them. I really have a hard time putting her at #3. I would rather have her tied at 2nd but I have to make a decision.

2nd best for me was Beverly Mcclellan. Her original song, “Lovesick” to me was the best because she had such great energy and I really liked the song. I could see this song on the radio and in clubs! Her duet with Christina really was awesome. Was such a right fit for her. The reason I didn’t put her as the winner was because she wasn’t my favorite before this show. The only reason she is in 2nd instead of 3rd was due to her singing and performance in this episode. I really feel Vicci and Beverly Tied in this show.

So my winner is Dia Frampton. Her voice really was unique and great from the beginning. She became my favorite with her performance of Heartless. That was the only song I bought on Itunes before today. I didn’t even know she had videos on Youtube which I visit a lot so I was really happy to find more music from her. Her original song, “Inventing Shadows” was fantastic. It was her voice that really turned that song into a great song. I really loved that she can play instruments too. That is very important in an artist to me these days. I even bought some of her songs from her past albums. Her duet with Blake wasn’t as good as others but it was still good enough for me.

There you go. That’s how I saw this episode and my thoughts. I can’t say I hated any singer and probably would buy some songs from each singer. If I decide to buy another song it might be from Vicci because of her energy. I love that energy in a singer and her voice really is great.