With the disappointment I had with UK and Australia versions of big brother I was really hoping the US version would be better. Well It left with mixed emotions. I watch big brother for the social experiment basically. I like to see emotions and what happens with different people trying to live together. The US version is different from the international shows, though, because it brings in more of a strategy with the show. I was totally entertained this year. Left me shocked many times and yelling at the TV throughout the show. So It made me interested in these people just like Big Brother 2 did.

But I was disappointed at the end. My favorite housemate, Janelle, did not win. She came in 3rd and was loved by the fans. Kaysar was loved by the fans too. I thought he was a good player but lost because he was too trusting to Jennifer. Howie was a wild guy in the house who made the show so fun to watch. Rachel was a fun person to watch trying to guide Howie, her secret partner, through the game. Michael was totally wronged by the friendship people. He did nothing wrong but was accused of terrible things. The friendship let these beliefs hold their team together even after they knew the accusations were lies. Wish I could have seen more of Ashlea but what I’ve seen I think she’s a wonderful person. James were hands down the greatest player on big brother since Will Kirby of Big Brother 2. He knew what was needed to win and he tried as hard as possible. The problem with his strategy was the two teams were too solid. He wouldn’t be able to break them apart so he had no chance to get to the end. Sarah was a very sweet person and didn’t deserve to be evicted. I hope good things will happen for her in the future.

This is the part I don’t want to write about. The Friendship had the worst people I’ve ever seen in Big Brother history or another reality series. The Chill town from Big Brother 2 used to be the worst but at least they knew that they weren’t on a moral high ground. I hate hypocrisy and the friendship showed every single type of hypocrisy you can imagine. They thought they were the best, never lied, trustworthy and favorites. Every single thing they thought of themselves were false. They talked bad about every other person and they talked about very superficial things like Janelle having hair extensions. They lied to people and they really thought their lies were pure. They were very trustworthy to Eric and Maggie. They were all Worshiping Eric and Maggie. Shows me how easy it is to follow a cult so fast. I feel very sorry for Ivette because she wouldn’t have liked those people in her group if she was outside. Listening to her now that she’s out of the game she agrees that she would have been friends with the other side. She’s one of the persons this season who will learn the most and be able to change her self for the good. She was terrible in the house but she is growing on me now. Her secret partnerBeau wasn’t a very nice person too. He wasn’t a good player in the house at all. April might be the other person who will learn about herself and change for the good as well. She finally saw that she had done bad things in the house at the end of the game. Her Secret partner, Jennifer, is so delusional I can’t believe it. She is hated by the fans of Big Brother so much. She lied or went back on her word to Kaysar and took him out of the game even after America voted him back inside the house. A very Stupid mistake on her part for the game and outside of the game.

I have written so much about this so I need to stop. Maybe I’ll write about these people again after I learn more about them outside of the house. So at the end I was entertained but still disappointed who won at the end which Was Maggie . I even had to stop watching when my favorites would lose. Once I heard something good happen then I would start watching the shows I missed. Guess I’ll have to wait for next year and hope I can be satisfied next time.

Doctor Who In America

April 23, 2006