Well I am a reluctant Amazing Race fan. But I really don’t like it because it’s not a race in my eyes. I call it an Amazing Adventure. A race wouldn’t have all racers stop to wait for a store or a place to open. I can live with the plane departures because there is a chance teams can find better departure times. I understand they need to bunch up or the show would have been boring. Someone could easily get days ahead of other teams if there wasn’t the bunching up factor. So for me it’s a love and hate thing with this show.

I watched Amazing Race 7 till the end and enjoyed it very much. I was happy to see Uchenna & Joyce Win. They deserved to win because of who they are. They treated everyone with respect and played the game for themselves not just to win over one particular team. I think if you try to win over one team then you forget about every other team and can make mistakes just like Susan/Patrick and Lynn/Alex.

I would have been equally happy if Rob/Amber won because they played the game and were always thinking ahead of others. Sometimes that thinking allowed them to be first and other times it cost them their lead. The fact that they are a reality tv winner already is an important point. It is unfair but I think the race is already flawed anyway. It’s geared for the television audience and not to the racers. I remember there was another show that was on NBC at the same time as AR came on. It was a race with no rules. The teams got placed somewhere they didn’t know with no money and had to get back to hawaii I think. Now that was a Real Race! no bunching up because they could take a plane, train, car or ship. But of course it was boring. Not very much intermingling of the racers and was obvious who was going to win. I could go on more but I will stop.

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May 10, 2005

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August 16, 2005