My lotro videos and intro

Hello everyone! I thought I should write something on here especially because I am making some lotro videos I would like to share. I’ve been playing this game ever since it came out. I played in the open beta. I liked playing on creep side for years. I play a spider. I got it to rank 10 but stopped due to rl issues and bad changes in the game for pvmp. I am a very casual player. None of my characters have any gear from mirkwood instances. I haven’t even stepped into one of those group instances. Not because I can’t but because I have other stuff I like doing.

I do bring out my characters in the moors sometimes. Getting better gear will help out so it is something I will need to do in the future. I am having fun with my warden. I feel very comfortable playing solo or in groups with him. My hunter is mainly a group or raid player. I can’t solo with him yet if ever. My minstrel is also a group or raid player. I also bring out my lower level burglar in his 40’s to the moors to have some fun. This is where I am starting to create videos of his adventure in the moors. So if anyone want to check them out here are the links to the first 2 videos.