Lotro Video project continues

I have continued my video project of showing my burglar in the moors from level 40 to 65. I have recently made 3 new videos which I would like to share with everyone on here. It’s a lot of fun trying my best to help out the freep side with my low level burglar. Need to learn a lot more and finish up his deeds.

  1. Burglar at level 41, 42 and 43
  2. Burglar at level 44, 45 and 46
  3. Burglar at level 47, 48 and 49

I will continue these videos until I reach level 65. It keeps me entertained so I won’t get bored in moria. I also want to start a video featuring my warden but using more of a epic storyline in the future. I think that would be interesting to do.