Little moors drama.

Wow I’ve been really good staying out of moors drama for years. I let my emotions take me into some drama today. Oh my. The lesson today is perspective is everything. Freeps don’t know what is going on creep side and creeps can’t know what is going on freep side. One side is counting kills to figure out who is winning. The other side is counting wipes. Creep side has plenty of rezes. Freep side does not.

Today a hunter raid went out with some melee to follow for some support. Was able to take LC but it got flipped back quickly. Was able to take Isen. Had a fight in Isen and wiped the creeps but even they acknowledge they would wipe. Going into a fight knowing you will wipe is not really a win for the freeps. Jumping out of a keep into a raid of freeps is certain death. Not really a win for the freeps. I call a win for the freeps at EC. Great fights happened at TR and LUG but it was very rough fighting in a creep held keep. I’d call those a win for the creeps because of their rez power. I remember the days on creep side when we didn’t count kills we counted wipes. Back then we knew creeps would die more then freeps so a win for creeps was to survive.

I don’t know. A fight at OST on a red map doesn’t sound terrible. A challenge? Yes! Dealing with hunters shooting down from the walls is a problem. You deal with that by not going to OST or waiting for the freeps to come down. Today the creeps wiped in OST with 1 attempt and then wanted the freeps to go to DG for fair play. Not really fair in my eyes. That’s called a wipe for the freeps or even suicidal. So it seems the creeps logged out and let the freeps take some keeps. Most of the freeps logged out by then due to being tired of wiping and being insulted by a post telling them to come to DG.

The moral of this story? A very good one. People are biased to whichever side they are on and influenced by others. Would I have seen it different if I was playing on creep side? YES! Am I wrong with my perspective of things that happened? NO! Are the creeps wrong with their perspective? NO! Should the drama have happened? NO! Did I have fun? OH YES! Did others have fun? YES!