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What about Dr. who?

April 23 | Posted by All About TV Shows | johnramirez Tags: , , , , ,

This post is just something I wanted to share with others before I write a longer post about something a bit more important in life. I’ve been watching Dr. Who since I was a child. It was usually shown on the UHF channels like pbs localy. I have watched probably every single episode that I […]... Read more

Who is Jade Goody

March 24 | Posted by John's Blog Thoughts | big brother, big brother uk, reality tv Tags: , , ,

I’ve been a Big Brother fan ever since the first season in the UK and the USA. Recently a former contestant from the UK version season 3 has died. She died of cervical cancer at the age of 27 on March 22, 2009. Jade Goody was the most controversial and the most popular of the regular contestants. She became a... Read more

Heroes: The TV Show

October 24 | Posted by All About TV Shows | johnramirez Tags: , ,

I’ve recently started watching a show called Heroes on NBC and I find it a very interesting show. I like the whole idea of getting people who find out they have super powers together to save the world. Each one has a strength and a weakness but together they can help each other. There are […]... Read more

Doctor Who Season 2

April 27 | Posted by All About TV Shows | johnramirez Tags: , , , ,

Another post which I should have posted weeks ago. I have so many topics on my mind I need to write about. As in previous posts you might know I am a big fan of Dr. Who. It was one of my favorite shows when I was young. As you might know the BBC, in […]... Read more

Doctor Who In America

April 23 | Posted by All About TV Shows | johnramirez Tags: , , , ,

I haven’t been posting much for a couple of months and I have missed so much so I’ll try to catch up as much as I can. I posted in a previous post last year about the first season of doctor who showing in the UK. Actually season 1 is season 27 if you look […]... Read more