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The Voice 2012 Final show

May 9 | Posted by Reality TV Fun | johnramirez, reality tv, television, the voice Tags: ,

The Voice season 2 is over finally. I really enjoyed Season 1 but I have to say this season hasn’t been good for me. Many singers I enjoyed was voted off. Lot of the shows were too long and ended very fast. The final show was WAY too long!! 2 hours to find out who won? An hour would have... Read more

The Voice 2012 Final Performances

May 7 | Posted by Reality TV Fun | johnramirez, reality tv, the voice Tags: ,

Last night’s episode of the Voice has given me some things to think about. From last week I picked Juliet Simms to win. I figured Jermaine Paul was good but not the best. I actually believe he might win. Chris Mann was my second favorite but thought he didn’t have a chance with the public. Tony Lucca is just out... Read more

The Voice 2012

May 2 | Posted by Reality TV Fun | johnramirez, reality tv, the voice Tags: , ,

I’ve been watching The new season of The Voice off and on. I have really enjoyed this show. I got bored with American idol a few years ago. I think what The Voice does best is let anyone have a chance without their looks and they don’t have to be an amateur. The idea that the judges can only hear... Read more

Heroes: The TV Show

October 24 | Posted by All About TV Shows | johnramirez Tags: , ,

I’ve recently started watching a show called Heroes on NBC and I find it a very interesting show. I like the whole idea of getting people who find out they have super powers together to save the world. Each one has a strength and a weakness but together they can help each other. There are […]... Read more