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Who is Jade Goody

March 24 | Posted by John's Blog Thoughts | big brother, big brother uk, reality tv Tags: , , ,

I’ve been a Big Brother fan ever since the first season in the UK and the USA. Recently a former contestant from the UK version season 3 has died. She died of cervical cancer at the age of 27 on March 22, 2009. Jade Goody was the most controversial and the most popular of the regular contestants. She became a... Read more

Big Brother UK Let Down?

August 16 | Posted by Reality TV Fun | big brother, big brother uk, johnramirez, reality tv, television

I just have to get my frustration out right now. I am a big fan of The tv show Big Brother. I watch the UK, Australia and the US versions. The UK and Australia versions have ended. This year I had my favorites for both series. My favorite from UK was Eugene. The rest of the housemates besides Mary made... Read more