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Big Brother Australia Finale

August 19 | Posted by Reality TV Fun | big brother, big brother australia, johnramirez, reality tv, television

Now for my thoughts on Australia Big Brother. At the beginning I was very excited until I realized most of the new ideas for this year was borrowed from other Big Brothers around the world. The only real new idea was the 3 point deduction reward but I feel it doesn’t belong in a big brother show where viewers vote... Read more

Big Brother UK Let Down?

August 16 | Posted by Reality TV Fun | big brother, big brother uk, johnramirez, reality tv, television

I just have to get my frustration out right now. I am a big fan of The tv show Big Brother. I watch the UK, Australia and the US versions. The UK and Australia versions have ended. This year I had my favorites for both series. My favorite from UK was Eugene. The rest of the housemates besides Mary made... Read more